1EV EV060

N.C. Solenoid valve DN65 flanged 230V 50-60 Hz aluminium body int. 290

This solenoid valve is made in such a way as to ensure the gas shut-off for both danger signals sent by gas detectors (methane, LPG, carbon

monoxide, and others) or safety thermostats, or for power failure in the network (black out).

For added security this solenoid valve can be reset only in the presence of mains voltage and only when the gas detector is not detecting any danger.

Simply powering the coil the valve does not open. You need to act manually on the reset mechanism.


Threaded connections Rp (brass body): DN 15 to 25 according to EN 10226

Threaded connections Rp: DN20 ÷ 50 according to EN 10266

PN16 flanged connections: DN32 ÷ 300 according to ISO 7005

Protection degree: IP65

Closing time: <1 s

Class (DN15 ÷ DN200) A

Maximum operating pressure: 500 mbar or 6 bar (See product label)

Ambient temperature: -20 to +60 °C

Maximum surface temperature: 80 °C

Resin encapsulated coils reinforced with polyamide glass fibers with DIN 43650 connection type; the insulation class is F (155 °) and the enamelled copper wire class is H (180 °)


OT-58 Brass (EN 12164)

11S Aluminium (UNI 9002-5)

Die-cast aluminum (EN 1706)


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