1IC 7053N

Photocell lighting control switch with adjustment 0÷1.000 lux - 1 DIN
High performance with minimum dimensions for controlling inductive loads like fluorescent lamps or LEDs


Power supply: 230V a.c. +/- 10%, 50 Hz

Type of output: relay with NO potential free contacts

(Cadmium free) 16A / 250V a.c. with zero crossing

Maximum wire section at terminals: 1 mm² ÷ 6 mm²

Threshold intervention (lux) adjustment: 0÷1.000 Lux

Double adjustment scale

Selector for operating mode selection:

  • always ON
  • always OFF
  • Threshold adjustment: 0÷100 Lux
  • Threshold adjustment: 0÷1.000 Lux

Trimmer for setting threshold adjustment

Delay in switching on / off to avoid false switching:

ON delay: 15 seconds

OFF delay: 30 seconds

LED operating status

Cadmium free relay

Dimensions module (L x W x H): 17,5 x 60 x 90 mm


Probe with Cadmium free precision photodiode sensor

anti-UV opaline housing

Protection degree IP 65

Dimensions probe (L x W x H): 28 x 48 x 56 mm



1PR 6092

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