1IC 7054


Power supply 230Va.c. +/-10%, 50Hz

Contact rated data 16 (2) A / 250V a.c.

Max program number (ON+OFF) 45

Lux adjustment range 0 - 1.000 lux

ON - OFF minimum connection time 1 minute

Display 1” 1/3 backlit LCD display

Max commutable power 3.500 VA (for individual contact)

Power incandescent LPs 2.300 W

Power fluorescent tube LPs not compensated 1.000 W

Power parallely comp. Fluorescent tube LPs 500W (tot. capacity 70 μF)

Power compact fluorescent LPs 600W

Max cross-section of wires to terminals 6 mm2

Protection degree (IP) IP 20 - IP 40 (rear switchboard)

Type of output terminals with captive screws

Insulation class II

ON / OFF relay signalling ON / OFF in LCD display

Charge reserve 6 years

Type of reserve CR2032 replaceable battery

ON / OFF delay adjustable 1 sec / 59 min

Time tollerance + - 0.5 sec / day

Operating temperature limits -20°C / +60°C

Storing temperature -30°C / +80°C

Type of installation on DIN rail / rear switchboard

Housing thermoplastic - RAL 7035 grey

Type of use civil / tertiary / industrial

Controls programming keys, ON / OFF manual override key

Clock setting accuracy digital in hours / minutes

Daylight saving time change for 4 geographic areas

Digital programming in hours / minutes

Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 35 x 60 x 90



1PR 6092


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