1LE 003

Ecessed emergency lamps 3-Modules

3-MODULE recessed emergency lamps comply with Italian standard CEI 64-8 and standard EN60598-2-22 that define the characteristics of recessed products for emergency lighting.


SE/SA/dimmable step lights

According to the position of a jumper in the terminal block placed at the back, the 3-MODULE lamp offers three different operations.

SE: With no voltage, the LED lights to its maximum power.

SA: Lamp always on (it is possible to set different intensities of lighting)


By connecting a push button to the lamp, it is possible to switch on, switch off and dim the intensity of the LED. The level of set luminosity is memorised until the next adjustment.

NB: it is not possible to groups of lamps to one push button


The two Led signals (red and green) communicate the operation condition of the lamp:

Green: operative - battery charging and when there is a blackout, it activates safety lighting

Red: fault/malfunction.


It is possible to replace the rechargeable batteries by removing the front panel from its housing. The batteries are two normal AA rechargeable ones easily available.


The function INHIBIT disable the lamp and it doesn’t allow to enter in emergency mode until it is not manually unlocked.



1PR WW00830

1PA T004

1PA FT54243IP

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